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See and share your system's performance on the go: real-time insight to home energy production and usage.

Gain visibility into your system performance in real-time with intuitive, user-friendly app. Share your system performance at a 

push of a button.

Don't have a solar system yet? You can explore and learn about features by using the demo account.

Download the app for free on iPhone or Android by visiting the AppStore or Google Play.

Getting Started With the SolarEdge Monitoring App

After your inverter connects to the internet, SolarEdge automatically begins tracking and reporting your site's performance. Your installer will need to create the physical layout in the SolarEdge portal for you to view. Confirm with your installer regarding completion date of your homeowner account.

Before you can register you need to ensure that SolarEdge email isn't getting stuck in your SPAM folder. Add to your contacts and watch for a registration email with the subject line: Registration to SolarEdge Monitoring Portal.

To begin using:

1. A link to register will be sent to your in email. * Note: if you click the link and nothing happens, simply copy and paste the same ULR into your web browser address bar.
2. Register your site with SolarEdge:
  • You will need to enter your name, phone number, language, create a password and select units (Imperial for Fahrenheit and Metric for Celsius)
  • Check the box agreeing to SolarEdge's terms and conditions and select if you want news, updates or technical notifications from SolarEdge
  • Click Confirm, log-in and view your energy performance

3. To get updated information on your smart phone, download the free monitoring app:

  • Visit Google Play or the App Store to download the "SolarEdge Monitoring" app.
  • Login using the same email address and password you created during registration.ions from the toolbar.

4. You can begin sharing your system's performance on your favorite social network or by email or text.

Purchasing Your Extended Warranty - Ask You Representative!

What is the current warranty on my inverter?

Your SolarEdge Inverter comes with a 12 year warranty that begins the earlier of: (I) 4 months from the date the Inverters are shipped from SolarEdge; and (II) the installation of the Inverters. The week and year of shipment is built into your serial number:

What information do I need to purchase the extended warranty?

SolarEdge warranties are registered to the inverter serial number. Whether you or your installer is purchasing the warranty, be prepared to provide the serial number in addition to site address, name and contact information. SolarEdge accepts all major credit cards.

How long do I have to purchase the extended warranty?

The warranty extesion must be activated within 16 months of inverter shipment from SolarEdge. The warranty extension can be purchased from your representative or through a simple transaction on the SolarEdge website:

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