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What We Do

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Our specialized energy department that focuses on saving you money by making your home more energy efficient and owning you own energy.


When heating your pool there is a couple of options you will have. We offer solar pool heaters that use no electric to heat your pool and electric pool heaters which heat your pool with electric. System you would need would be based on roof space and or outside seasonal temperatures.


Efficiency starts with having the proper insulation.Depending on the situation we have options to fit your needs. Whether it's Radiant Barrier, Blow-In or Spray Foam we have you covered.


Hot water is an everyday need, but did you ever think about how much is cost to heat that water. We offer Solar Hot water which only cost about 10% of a standard hot water heater.



No matter what your water problem is, Charger Water Treatment Products has a solution. We offer a complete line of professional series water treatment systems and components. Residential or Commercial, we install Water Treatment products to get the pure, clean water.


When it comes down to your comfort levels we are all different, but we all do have one thing in mind. How can I keep my home at the temperature I want but still stay efficient. We offer a line of products that could fit your needs but will not break the bank.

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